Growing Popularity of Greener Buildings in Bangalore

Being the city of techies, Bangalore has been one of the cities in India, which have embraced eco-friendly and greener buildings. The article discusses about the concept of green buildings and the requirements to construct greener buildings.

They use sunlight and reduce electricity consumption, reuse rainwater for toilets and irrigation uses, are betting on natural ventilation and suppress the usage of air conditioning. In addition, the greener buildings also demand usage of bicycle and fewer cars. Such are the green buildings in Bangalore. These are structures already found how to defend themselves against climate change and how to be sustainable over time. The builders in Bangalore are now focusing on constructing more greener building, keeping healthy ecosystem in mind.

These buildings seeking a better quality of life for its inhabitants and, above all, a greater respect for the environment through adaptation to external conditions, particularly the climate of the area where it is located. To do this, the builders are making use of new materials arising from biogenetic research that have the ability to change depending on weather conditions. Following are the requirements to construct a greener building.

Bangalore is the city where the maximum population comprises of technology professionals, and this is the reason for the growing awareness towards technology driven products and the usage of eco-friendly products. A number of techies are looking for apartments and flats that does not hamper environment. Seeing their inclination towards such buildings, the builders have come up with flats in greener buildings in popular locations, for example 2bhk flat in Hebbal, 2bhk flat in Hoodi, Sadashivnagar, Indiranagar, Koramangala, Marathahalli, etc.

However, only some of the buildings in Bangalore have adopted the concept of greener buildings, and have implemented rainwater-harvesting plants and garbage recycling units. In the last few months, the adoption of sustainable technology has been quite promising and ensured a significant growth. The demand for eco-friendly and energy saving products such as solar lighting panels, solar powered inverters, solar photovoltaic heating products and solar cookers have been high in the past couple of months.

Property Manager For Maintaining Property

Having acres of land under your belt is like owning a small fortune which will keep on growing without particularly having to make worthwhile efforts. But it is your responsibility to maintain these properties if you intend to sell or lease them at good rate. And for its maintenance you need a good property manager who is skilled and experienced in handling all types of responsibilities that come under his work profile.

Once you buy a property, the first task that becomes important is its maintenance. Be it a house or an office, both these properties need repairing and upkeep from time to time. Property managers take care of all these responsibilities. Check out some of the duties that come under his work profile:

Pest control: Pests such as mice, rats, termites, cockroaches damage the property and are a menace for people living in that house. A property manager adapts proper pest control methods by hiring necessary labor and eliminates the presence of pests in the house. He also sees to it that no avenues are left open for them to further enter into the house and the damages done by them are repaired immediately.

Plumbing and electricity: Both these things are very important for proper functioning of home or office. Leakages in kitchen or washroom can mess up everything and hence such problems have to be tackled immediately. Similarly, problems in electric supply due to damaged wires or switches can disrupt regular life. It is the duty of the property management company to repair the plumbing and electrical damages so that both these facilities are maintained in good condition.

Leasing and renting: The market value of a property is subject to change depending upon its location, and the existing economical upheavals. For a common man, who just invests in property for security, it is not necessary that he should be well aware of the fluctuations in the real estate rates. Moreover, when it comes to renting or leasing, he has to struggle hard to get the right price. A property managers know the existing changes in the market rate related to various properties and he can guide you properly during renting or leasing. He knows exactly where to put advertisements for leasing or renting and makes sure that the person to whom you are leasing or renting the property is having a good background with no criminal record. He also prepares all the leasing or renting agreement documents according to the latest legal norms so that no loopholes remain in the deal and you are on the safer side always.

Reselling property: It’s the duty of a property managers to take care of all the legal documents according to the existing legal rules and regulations should you wish to sell your entire property or a part of it for raising fund or getting more profit.

Business Center Offers Complete Buroraume Hamburg at no Extra Cost

Entrepreneurs, who have to maintain their office and also take pain in arranging office supplies, simply waste their money and precious business time. By devoting time to petty office issues, they no doubt maintain their offices but they pay a big price for doing these mean jobs. They lose business to their competitors. Arranging buroraume Hamburg on your own is a tedious job and there could be no denying to this fact.

By relocating to a business center, entrepreneurs could get all the facilities at one place. Business centers are coming up fast in and around Hamburg because everyone wants space in these work facilities. A center offers full services a company needs for working. Those, who are working from business centers, are doing brisk business as they don’t have to rush for getting clean drinking water, stationary and other necessary supplies.

Working from an independent office could give a feeling of ownership but you have to pay a big price to get this feeling. You would hire maintenance staff that would make your office ready for work and also you would employ experienced secretaries to look after your office supplies. In addition to this staff, you would keep contact details of electrician, plumber and service technicians that you could call in case there is an electric or water related problem in your office.

You don’t need to look for a business center as there are many centers in Hamburg. You only determine your needs and the buroraume Hamburg; you want the business center to provide. After doing this homework, start looking for a center close to your home. Most of the centers are located at strategic places so that the people working from center could access their offices without any hassle.

Working from a prestigious address is one of the reasons behind the popularity of business centers. You could get your nameplate mounted at the entrance of the building and also mention the prestigious address on your business card and website.

Business centers are known for providing full buroraume Hamburg at no extra cost. You would pay one rent for all the services. The center staff would make sure that you get the services, you are paying for. Good thing about business center is that it offers customized office solutions for individual needs.

It is not only complete buroraume Hamburg that you would enjoy in a business center as the center has many additional amenities for its tenants.

How a Leasehold Extension Made My Property Irresistible to Buyers

It is always advisable to discover how long you have remaining on the term of your lease before you go through the process of selling your property. This is because the length of term has a great effect on attracting and deterring potential buyers.

The advice of a specialist property solicitor can clarify your leasehold position with clarity and accuracy and before applying for a leasehold extension it is also useful to be aware of the following facts.

The first fact is that both buyers and lenders tend to favour properties with leases with a remaining duration of in excess of 95 years. The second fact is that lenders have been tightening their mortgage criteria over recent years and currently will not generally consider providing a mortgage for any property with a lease due to expire in under 70 years or less. This criteria could tighten further if the direction of travel by lenders in this respect is anything to go by — the cut off point for mortgage acceptability just a few years ago was 50 years of lease remaining! A final fact is that even if your property has a lease with more than 70 years to run, and your buyer can thus perhaps obtain mortgage, if the lease has less than 80 years to run, when the inevitable application for a lease extension has to be made post sale, to restore the value of the property, the applicant, your potential buyer, will have to budget for paying the Marriage Value – an additional cost .

The Marriage Value only comes into play with applications for a leasehold extension where the original lease has less than 80 years to run and is based on the legally required 50/50 division between the leaseholder and the landlord of the ‘profits’ arising from an assumed increase in the value of the property as a result of its having been granted a leasehold extension. In the UK the calculation of this assumed increase in value is unavoidably subjective, based on local knowledge and market factors. It can amount to a considerable sum of money and might well deter a would-be buyer.

Unscrupulous freeholders have also been known to take advantage of leaseholders who desire a rapid sale and need to make an application for a leasehold extension to secure that sale. The freeholder might promise no delay on their part in exchange for the leaseholder accepting a much shorter lease than the maximum of 90 years that could be requested under the Leasehold Reform, Housing and Urban Development Act 1993 (as amended). This situation can be avoided providing that the leaseholder is aware that he is permitted to serve and register the initial notice in the lease extension application and then transfer the right to the buyer. This allows the application to proceed without the soon-to-be new owner having to have satisfied the 2 year minimum ownership eligibility qualification.

The longer that your lease is, the more marketable a residential property becomes – and, of course, the converse is equally true. It therefore makes sound commercial sense to ensure that the necessity for a leasehold extension is given just as much due consideration as is the structural condition and presentation of your property when you come to putting it onto the market for sale.